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April 2024

Editing is progressing well on "The Home Front" and I am hopeful that it will be ready for publishing in the next couple of months. Get a look at the new cover on Facebook HERE, and maybe drop a comment or question!

March 2024

Two new Misfit Squadron books are coming!

The first volume is a short story anthology titled "The Home Front" which continues the story of the war in a Britain which is firmly on the back foot. This book will end the first part of the series as the war enters a new phase.

The second is a first for the Misfit series: a book that fits into the timeline of the series, but that can be read as a standalone volume and will serve as an introduction to the second part of the series, bringing in new characters.

As for acting... One more short film is in the can and has been posted online HERE. A fun action movie, in a similar vein to the one I shot a few months before, it was as much a proof of concept for the brilliant young director as a film, but is still extremely entertaining. Check it out!

I'm also going to be flying off to Tenerife tomorrow to film a small role in the BBC series "The Gold", which I'm very much looking forward to!

July 2023

With two short films in the can in the last couple of weeks it's back to writing. The Catalan-flavoured book is almost finished now, but more excitingly, the Misfit Squadron books are now back behind their original covers AND available in Paperback! Grab them from Amazon or contact me via my Facebook page for signed copies.

March 2023

I've gotten back into the acting a little bit now and signed with a new agent who is sending me to a lot of auditions. Let's see if anything interesting comes of that!

Meanwhile, I'm working on a little something Catalan in nature for my next book and I hope to have a first draft done in the next few weeks.

27th September 2022

Paperback and Hardback versions of "The Black Book" are now available! I'm quite proud of the job my father's done on those covers! Thanks dad!

25th August 2022

"The Black Book" is out now and available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Paperback and Hardback editions will hopefully follow soon. Pick up your copy in the US here or in the UK here.

11th June 2022

The Misfit Squadron are having a well-deserved rest while I concentrate on another project I've had on the back burner. "Ni Hon - The Two Books" is a series I've had rolling around my head for a few years and I'm finally in a place where I can bring it to life. In fact, the first book "The Black Book" is already finished and edited and has been sent out to literary agents...

2nd January 2022

Happy New Year and happy new book! "The King's Mission" is out! Get your copy from Amazon in the US or UK now!

1st November 2021

Misfit 8 has been handed in, almost exactly a year after the 7th book. That took too long!

16th September 2021

Almost there... "The King's Mission" is almost done and has been pencilled in for publishing in November.

29th May 2021

Well, it is taking me as long as "Siege" did, but I've now finished the first draft of the eight book in the Misfit Squadron series, "The King's Mission". Yay!

Now the editing and rewriting begins...

17th January 2021

"The Siege of Gibraltar" has been available for a while now and work is well under way on Misfit 8 which will be a (spoiler free) change of pace for Gwen and Kitty. Let's hope it doesn't take me as long to write as the last book did!

7th November 2020

Well, it's done. Misfit 7 has been handed in to the publishers and will be out before Xmas!

8th September 2020

The Siege of Gibraltar is almost done and will likely be published either in November or December. With the schools going back, let's see if I can finally get some writing done! (In between trips to Madrid for shooting...)

2nd August 2020

Summer is upon us, which means that, even though we're no longer confined, my son is home because there is no school. On top of that I've had my first day of shooting on a new TV series, "Glow and Darkness", in Madrid, so not much work is bring done! The Siege of Gibraltar is still coming along, but it's going to take a lot longer than I expected, especially seeing as I will (hopefully) be coming and going from Madrid more in the next few weeks.

6th April 2020

Hi everybody! I hope you're all safe and staying at home as much as possible! I can't say it's much of a change for me, seeing as I'm usually at home writing, but I've got my 18 month-old home, so work is not happening! His laughter is compensation enough, though!

I am getting some writing done, though. I'm very slowly editing volume 7 in the Misfit series and if all goes well I should have that ready in the next couple of months. The plan then is to take a break from Gwen, Kitty, Abby et al and return to Max and Emily and the "Twin Ambitions" series to write at least book 3... that is yet to be confirmed, though!

28th February 2020

Misfit Squadron volume 6 -"Tales From the Second Great War" is now available from Amazon. This latest book in the series is a compilation of short stories which give some background on some of the characters and fill in gaps between volumes 5 and 7.

On another note... The official Misfit Squadron store is now OPEN! We've got mugs, t-shirts, stickers, posters... all sorts of great stuff featuring squadron badges and propaganda from the Second Great War!

Come and take a peek!

22nd February 2020

The entire "Displacers" series is NOW AVAILABLE for pre-order from Amazon. They will be released on the 27th February.

27th January 2020

"Tales From the Second Great War" has been pencilled in for a mid-February release and I will keep you all up to date on that as and when I get more information.

In the meantime, I've started work on volume 7 of the Misfit Squadron series, the title of which I will keep secret for now so as not to spoil anything!

10th January 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm starting as I mean to go on by finishing and handing in volume 6 of the Misfit Squadron series "Tales From the Second Great War" - I certainly hope people enjoy the short stories, they were certainly a lot of fun to write! The first of them "England Expects" has actually been posted on my publishers website - get a look at it HERE!

27th October 2019

The Maltese Defence is DONE and handed in to my publishers. Once they've taken care of the little things like proofreading and creating a cover that does it justice it'll be published!

For now... I'm already working on Misfit volume 6, which will be a compilation of short stories encompassing different aspects of the Second Great War and filling in some of the stories of some of the other characters who have appeared in the books, not just Gwen, Kitty and the Misfits!

20th September 2019

It's been a very busy few months. The first draft of Misfits 5 - The Maltese Defence - is finished and editing is half done, but more importantly I'VE BEEN PUBLISHED!!! It's only a small, independent publisher, Sea Lion Press, but it is a very big step in the right direction! For now they have only published the Misfit series, but they are looking at the rest of my books with a view to picking up a few more - watch this space!

10th April 2019

Vengeance is edited and live on Amazon. All that is left to do with the Displacers series is design and create the paperbacks. Although there was a fun novella I was playing around with that would fit in somewhere between the books which I might do if I feel the need to get back to Sam and Rachel...

Meanwhile - MISFITS 5!

1st April 2019

As I said in my last update, I am currently re-editing "The Time for Vengeance" and if you have that book, then please make sure that you have the latest version if you read it!

That actually goes for ALL of my books - as a self-published author I can't afford professional editing so occasional mistakes do slip through and I apologise! However, whenever I catch an error or one is pointed out to me I immediately correct it and upload a new version. So, PLEASE! make sure you have the latest one before reading! Thank you!

16th February 2019

In between writing the Misfit Squadron books I have been giving my "Displacer" series books a good re-editing. That process is now in the final stages and all I have left is to polish off the fifth and final instalment, "The Time for Vengeance" and then I will be able to lay the series to rest finally. Once that is over I will return to the Misfits for book 5.

16th February 2019

"The Lion and the Baron" is out now! It's a bit of a departure from the previous Misfit books but I am extremely happy with it and it ties things together quite nicely in my opinion!

On another note - you might have noticed that my entries here are fairly sporadic. That's because most of my news and various creations related to my books are posted on my Facebook author page. If you'd really like to keep up with what's going on in my head then please give me a like there. 

18th January 2019

It's taking a bit more time than I'd expected it to, and it's a tad longer than I thought it would be, but the first draft of "The Lion and the Baron" is done and editing is happening! I hope to have it done and published by the end of February at the latest.

The story takes place in Muscovy and clears up a few of the mysteries from "Russia" and "Midwinter" as well as setting the stage for volume 5.

21st November 2018

"A Misfit Midwinter" is finished and published. Since it is just a humble 100 page novella it will be permanently kept at a low low price of 0.99! Please pick up a copy!

In other news... "The Battle Over Britain" will be on sale this weekend for Black Friday - 0.99 in the UK and the US from 23rd to 26th November. See the Misfit Squadron page for the shop links!

3rd October 2018

Short story the first is shaping up nicely. It will serve to develop characters and bridge books 2 and 3.

It is tentatively titled "A Misfit Midwinter" and will (I hope) be a fun interlude for all involved, characters and readers!

As soon as I have it ready, the first chapter will be posted to Patreon!

25th September 2018

Those two short (ish) stories that will come between books 2 and 3 of the Misfit Squadron series have turned into THREE short stories that will link them.

ALSO - For the exclusive TITLE REVEAL of book 3 and other exclusive updates and content, please become my Patron on PATREON HERE and support my quest to become a full time writer!

9th September 2018

"The Russian Resistance" - Misfit Squadron book 2, is now published! Come check out the adventures of Misfit Squadron in Russia, flying with the Wolfpack Squadron!

Not one to sit twiddling my thumbs for long, I've already begun writing the first of probably two novellas that will fit between it and book 3 of the series.

Once again, thank you to my father for the help with the cover!

5th August 2018

Misfit book two is complete and now undergoing editing. I'm ahead of the schedule I set myself and hope to have it published earlier than I expected.

Meanwhile, plans are already being made for Misfits 3, a Misfit novella, and Twin Ambitions 3...

12th July 2018

"The Russian Resistance" is now the firm title and the book is two thirds written. I'm looking to publish it in late summer and am excited to see if it is as well received as "The Battle Over Britain" was.

13th June 2018

A brief holiday in the sun has been taken and now I am back to the grindstone and writing book two of the "Misfit Squadron" series, provisionally titled "The Russian Resistance" - watch this airspace!

15th May 2018

My recent Pirate's promotion on Amazon has finished and I've given away more than 70 copies, not bad considering I had given away more than two hundred during previous promotions. A big thank you to everybody who downloaded!

Next up is "The Lifeboat at the End of the Universe" which will be free from this Thursday 17th until Monday 21st May. My first Sci-Fi novella, it's short and to the point, but has been very well received.

Right now I'm working on a quick edit of book 4 of my "Displacers" series, but as soon as I've done that I will be starting book 2 of the "Misfit Squadron" series. It's already taking shape in my mind and I can't wait to get back into the fight!

6th May 2018

"The Battle Over Britain" is finished and published in Amazon much earlier than expected. It has been very much a labour of love and the editing process was almost as smooth as the writing one. A big thank you to my father for helping me create the squadron badge!

29th March 2018

The first book in the Steampunk "Misfit Squadron" series is 75,000 words long and nearing the completion of its first draft. It has been an absolute pleasure to write and the words have just flown onto the page, if you'll pardon the pun.

The Misfit Squadron books are designed to hark back to series like the Sharpe books or Hornblower, but instead of concentrating on just one character they will follow the adventures of a British fighter squadron during WW2. The books will be stand-alones, just like those series, but with a certain continuation and time-line. Expect the first one, provisionally titled "New Blood - The Battle over Britain" in early summer!

10th March 2018

With the "Displacers" series completed and "Twin Ambitions" moving ahead nicely I have started work on a new project, a Steampunk-inspired series telling the story of a squadron in World War 2. Quite excited about it and have put down 16,000 words of the first book in five days.

5th January 2018

Happy New Year to all!

The second book in the "Twin Ambitions" series for children ages 7 - 12 is now available from Amazon. It continues the story of Emily and Max as they strive to become the best ballet dancers that they can.

27th September 2017

"The Pirate's Challenge" is no more! After an extensive rewrite and edit the first book in the Displacers series has been born anew as "The Pirate's Heir".

I have changed as an author during the almost three years since it was first published, so it was only natural that it went through this process. 

It has become the book I would have written in the first place if I'd known what I do now.

5th August 2017

"The Time for Vengeance" is edited and published. This now completes the Displacers series. It is both a sad time and a joyful one for me as I finish the stories of some characters that meant so much to me.

14th May 2017

The fifth book of the "Displacers" series is provisionally titled "The Time for Vengeance" and will be the final installment. The first draft is almost done and it will be very sad to say goodbye to Sam and his friends.

12th February 2017

"Fight to Dance", the first book in the "Twin Ambitions" series is now available in Paperback and on Kindle!

The first draft of book 4 of the "Displacers" series is now DONE! It needs a damn good editing, but "The Price of Greed" will be coming soon!

17th December 2016

A quick trip to Madrid to do a day's shoot on "Queens" and then it's back home to continue work on Twin Ambitions.

13th December 2016

Now that "Empath" has been finished I've already started work on my next project, book 1 of the "Twin Ambitions" series is well on it's way. It's a series of books for Middle-grade children (ages 7-12) about 11 year-old twins who want to become BALLET DANCERS. I'm fairly excited about it and I hope to have the first book finished in a few weeks!

I've begun a Patreon campaign to try to drum up some support, head over to HERE to check it out!

7th December 2016

It's been a long process but finally my new book, "Empath" has been published and is available from kindle stores worldwide.

Empath is an adult sci-fi novel set in Earth's post-apocalyptic future.

August 2016

That "little short story" wasn't finished in time for publication when I wanted it so I'm leaving it unpublished until next April. In the meantime the outling for book 4 is coming along and I'm working on a more adult-themed sci-fi novel. 200 pages in and going strong.

March 2016

So, book 3 of the "Displacers" series, "The Whitechapel Plot" is published. Now I'm working on a little short story to go between books 3 and 4, just a little bit of fun that I couldn't help doing and which I'm going to give away for free. Should be ready in a few weeks, watch this space!

February 2015

Had a few little jobs recently, first working on a Virtual Reality advert with the good people at Visyon and now working on the scripts for a new project with Franciosa Entertainment... Life has suddenly become quite varied.

23rd January 2016

The Whitechapel Plot, Book 3 of the "Displacers" series, is NOW AVAILABLE from all Amazon stores.

November 2015

Book 2 in my series 'The Secret of the Ancients' is now available on Amazon and to celebrate you can pick up a free copy of 'The Pirate's Challenge' only on the 1st and 2nd!

13th November 2015

Just in time for Friday the thirteenth... my first interview published here!

1st November 2015

"The Secret of the Ancients" is now available on Amazon.

October 2015

'The Pirate's Challenge' has now been published and is available from Amazon stores worldwide! It is an adventure story for teens and young adults of all ages, first in a series of books. Please give it a try and review it in Amazon!

The "Displacers" series is a series of adventure books for Teens and Young Adults (and the young at heart).

Starting with "The Pirate's Challenge" it follows the adventures of Sam Vives, a fifteen year old boy who discovers he has a special talent, a talent that allows him to travel through time.

October 2015

My first book 'The Pirate's Challenge' is undergoing its final revision and I have set a date for publishing. On October the 11th I will be submitting it to Amazon for sale as an eBook, exclusively for those with a Kindle or the Kindle App.

September 2015

I'm trying my hand at a bit of fiction writing. After writing a dozen or so scripts that may or may be turned into films or TV series I figured I might as well write something that I can publish myself, whether it's commercial or not! So the first volume in a series for teens and young adults is already finished and almost ready for publishing and more are coming.

March 2015

Magnum Opus is on a break so it's off to Madrid for some fun to impersonate Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke for a Spanish TV series "Cuentame".

February 2015

This is it. Magnum Opus shooting starts NOW.

December 2014

The offers are starting to come in for Magnum O.  Things just keep getting better!

Meanwhile - I'm working on a new short film with some talented filmmakers in Barcelona and my TV scripts are taking shape.

October 2014

MIPCOM is here again and we are making waves. An article in Variety and a proper distributer attached to Magnum Opus (I/Nation) should make all the difference.

Check the article out HERE.

February 2013

DEFEATED keeps going from strength to strength, in Valencia it has won the prize for best short film and has been selected for a film festival in Boston.

November 2012

New video shot, this time for a competition to form part of the Christmas campaign of Freixenet. Check out the video HERE. Warning: there are ZOMBIES!

October 2012

DEFEATED continues to be selected for festival after festival, now more than 10, including festivals in Mexico and Argentina so far and has won prizes!

September 2012 part 2

I / NATION pilot is in the can! For all the details and photos go to

September 2012

COUNTDOWN TO I / NATION... Pilot shooting time is upon us. 18th, 19th and 20th of September we will be out there with a Red Epic camera, a fast car and even faster talking actors... Watch this space!

June 2012

DEFEATED (Vencidos) has been selected for the Elche film festival. See the film (and vote please!) HERE. (By the way you have to REGISTER, then watch the film in it's entirety BEFORE they let you vote...)

May 2012

DEFEATED (Vencidos) has been selected in the top 22 short films out of more than 400 for the SHOTS 2012 international film festival.

If you're in Madrid on the 31st of May check it out on the big screen!

April 2012

Back to Madrid again for a one day visit to dub my appearance in Águila Roja, apparently one of the memory cards got corrupted... Six hours travelling to dub one line! Always happy to work with them though.

February 2012

Ok, so the TV series hasn't started shooting yet because of scheduling difficulties...

In the meantime I'm back and forth to Madrid shooting a minor role for Águila Roja, one of the top rated TV series in Spain. Good experience even if the role is very small. Even so I'm in five episodes...

December 2011

So... Remember that big news item? In January I'll be shooting the 2nd lead in a new TV series with Timothy Gibbs and Eva Arias in Barcelona. Can't give away any details yet but the budget is all there and after shooting a promo and pilot we'll be doing at least 6 episodes.

November 2011

The first of those screenplays is written and finished. "Castells in the Air" is ready to be translated and the promo package done ready to be sold... And starred in!

October 2011

Doing more writing and dubbing than acting right now...

I've been adjusting the script for and then dubbing a course of instructional DVDs teaching people how to ballroom dance.

I'm also working on translating the voice over for one of my short films "El Mal Menor" and once done I will probably be voicing that myself.

Lastly I've entered into a writing partnership with my good friend Timothy Gibbs, we're going to be working on a couple of screenplays together in the next months - the first one's a comedy which is a first for me!

September 2011

Been dubbing a French cartoon "Histoires de Pirates" with Mago Productions. So far I've done the voices for 3 characters and will be doing a few more next week. It's good fun but different! A real test of acting skills as well as a technical challenge for lip-syncing... And of course I have to tweak the English translation as well - obviously the French company had no native English translators working for them...

August 2011

The big news item is still there... just not official yet so I can't say anything!

In the meantime I'm busy editing my new Videobook / Reel plus I've just finished a first draft of my first Feature-length script and I'm starting the next...

July 2011

Something big is cooking... Can't say anything about it yet but it's got me VERY excited... Hopefully nothing will happen between now and the beginning of shooting to stop it. For now I can only wait and sweat!

June 2011

So far this year I have shot a feature film "Checkout" and 7 short films (2 of which are still unfinished*)

Deconstructing John Doe





The Birth of a New Yin Yang*

Peculiar Mr Earl Comes to Town