Twin Ambitions

The "Twin Ambitions" series is about Max and Emily Cooper, twins, who want nothing more than to pursue their shared dream of becoming professional ballet dancers.

While the books are ostensibly about the life of the twins and their struggle to become dancers they also touch upon subjects such as bullying, prejudice, and loss, which are not exclusive to the world of dance by any means, and tell how they overcome these difficulties.

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Max and Emily Cooper are twins who fall in love with ballet from the first lesson that they take as 5 year-olds.

For a while everything is fine and they progress with their studies, but then, when they turn 11, everything changes.

Their parents are killed in a traffic accident and their lives are turned upside down. They have to leave their home in London and move to Barcelona with their Aunt Kimberley, who has become their guardian.

From then on it is a constant struggle for them to continue to work towards realising their dream, their ambition, of being professional ballet dancers.


In Barcelona Emily and Max have to start all over again - a new school, new students to make friends with and a new ballet school with a new teacher to learn from. Despite the tragic accident that killed their parents and forced them to leave London to live with their Aunt Kimberley and Cousin Núria it is an exciting time.

However, things don't turn out anything like the way they want them to...