Ni Hon - The Two Books

The "Ni Hon" series is set in a Japan that finds itself alone in the world after barely surviving a nuclear war which destroyed everyone else.

Most of Japan was left an uninhabitable wasteland, but an experimental shield technology protected the centre of the country, including Tokyo and Kyoto. The entire population was squeezed into this 350 mile wide area, creating massive overcrowding problems and taxing food supplies, giving rise to civil unrest. A massive building project and the creation of the NutriRation, a liquid food available for free, went some way to solving the problems, but it wasn’t until a curfew was imposed, dividing the night (Kuro, or the Black Book) from the day (Shiro, or the White Book), that Japan was able to start healing.

Those citizens who commit crimes of any type or severity are banished to Kuro, but the night isn’t just for them, it is also for those that want to live how they want, without the restrictions and strict laws of the day and for those that wish to recreate the glory days of Japan, when the country was ruled by the samurai clans and the only law was the sword.

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Book 1 - The Black Book

Kayo Watanabe is a champion gymnast and the daughter of the next prime minister of Japan, but that won’t help her survive in the violence and lawlessness of the Black Book.

There is only one punishment for committing a crime and when Kayo is falsely convicted of using illegal substances to win a gymnastics competition she is sentenced to the night and has to fight not only to clear her name, but also just to stay alive.