Dismal Futures

"Dismal Futures" is what I (unofficially) call the collection of unrelated, stand-alone Science Fiction stories that I have set in various worst-case scenarios of Earth's own future. 
At times they seem to not leave much hope for the human race, but there is usually a positive message in there somewhere...

So far there are two stories, the novel "Empath" and the novella "The Lifeboat at the End of the Universe", but I have at least two more planned.

"Empath" is set on an orbital Habitat tethered to the Earth by a space elevator in a geosynchronous orbit somewhere  over the American Continent. It tells the story of Angelica, a lower-class prostitute with empathic powers, who is thrown into a fight for supremacy of the Habitat.

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When humanity realises that the universe is collapsing in on itself it attempts to survive by sending out ships in all directions. "Lifeboat" tells the story of one such ship.

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